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Video about in industry life our porcelain sex twinz:


In industry life our porcelain sex twinz

You use the term "performance art" to describe some of your numbers. Do you want to talk briefly about the business of being the Porcelain Twinz? Fetish is the root of everything for us. The school of stripping. At the time there was nothing like what we were doing in the scene, so we really only had a couple of outlets where we could perform this type of art. You are also writers and musicians. Some of our shows are classic burlesque with a hint of fetishism sprinkled on top, and other parts of our shows are just pure fetish performance art cabaret theater.

In industry life our porcelain sex twinz

Do you think the audiences are similar? We do not follow the traditional format of burlesque, though we do take many elements from traditional burlesque strip tease and make it our own. It is a fantastic outlet for us to perform our shows to then amazing highest caliber. They produce their own music and have written their own book, "Our Life in the Sex Industry. How did people respond? We really learned to move as strippers and became in tune with our bodies. I don t think have to tell you the way film progresses as clowns begin pick off group one by. We breathed some fire in this first routine, danced around together like a couple of slinky snakes to our carefully chosen music, and threw buckets of glitter all over ourselves, which made the stage like an ice skating rink.. Do you think the audiences are similar? We are really just getting started! Fetish Nights were the only outlets that we had to truly perform at in the beginning. What was it like to put these first shows together? We coined the term fetish-burlesque as our genre of entertainment because of this. Human life cycle In industry life our porcelain sex twinz. Regardless, the Twinz claim that Box employees have been known to service patrons in the bathroom downstairs. Each new show that we created seemed to take on a life of its own, and to get bigger and better than the last. This type of support really inspired us to keep moving forward and creating new shows, which we did. They are not part of the burlesque circuit that is such a big part of my life these days, but they've carved their own niche at the Box. It made us really strong and we are proud that we have made it through that stage. We have yet to perform our music live, but we will be soon enough. When we became strippers we developed our sensuality, style, and movement. There is no comparison between the Sex Industry and The Box. We always hated the hustle in the clubs. What was the first act you put together that you felt really achieved some of your performance goals? You say in one of your interviews that you rely more on dancing and choreography than on large props. What does that mean to you?

In industry life our porcelain sex twinz

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  1. We take pride in being in the sex industry, because it is an industry where only the strong survive. It was a bit overwhelming at times, and still very raw.

  2. If you can get through being in the sex industry without it chewing you up and spitting you out, then you are going to be able to handle anything in life. The Twinz with Big Indian and Narcisster.

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