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Sex training aids

Teachers reflected the ethnicity of the schools in which they taught. Reports demonstrate that this type of active training leads to more faithful implementation of programmes rather than removed methods such as video training [ 16 , 26 ]. Second, the training programmes aimed to equip teachers with facilitative skills to teach the curriculum. The age range was 20—59 years, the majority being in the to year age group. Most of them i. This keeps you current on the status of sexuality education and will move you to consider a variety of concerns and challenges in designing and implementing sexuality education courses and programs. It covers sexual value clarification, the reproductive system, dimensions of sexuality, gender and sexuality social and cultural aspects , sexual risks, sexual decision-making self-esteem, assertiveness, communication and negotiation skills , sexual coercion and violence in relationships, abstinence from sexual intercourse, condom use and contraception, sexual risk-taking and substance abuse. Throughout the training, teachers were anxious about the safe sex lessons which several felt went against their personal values.

Sex training aids

It was also reviewed by government education department representatives and by the HIV trainer who conducted the teacher training. On average, teachers spent between 2 and 4 hours per lesson. The feeling was that if the aim is to reduce sexual activity, then the message of safe sex is a contradictory one. Teachers' teaching experience varied from 2 to 20 years. Delaying the onset of sex involved lessons identifying risky sexual situations. More systematic inhibiting factors included poor resources for example, limited space, no teacher assistant to manage large classes. These efforts ensured that the SATZ curriculum was delivered as part of the life orientation programme of the Department of Education, rather than being considered an additional burden for teachers. Ancillary materials used in the curriculum include a condom demonstrator dildo , condoms, sexual and reproductive anatomy charts and brochures. Common themes in the responses to questions and statements were noted. Self-awareness Some teachers indicated their appreciation of the opportunity to openly voice their opinions, and reflect on their personal and community values and norms. Most of the students will not be comfortable to roleplay in front of the class and they will not know how. The inadequate initial teacher training in the area of health education has been referred to elsewhere with teachers being found to lack confidence when the foundation training is poor [ 27 , 28 ]. During the apartheid years, schools were segregated along racial lines, resulting in inequalities within the education sector such as access to resources and teacher training. Another source of data was participant observation notes. The Grade 8 teachers responsible for life orientation at the 13 intervention schools were invited to the SATZ training programme. Teachers reflected the ethnicity of the schools in which they taught. I suspect that the students at this age would see me as somebody who promotes sex in their immature reasoning minds. The last objective was to facilitate ownership of the curriculum through teachers' active engagement and feedback on the curriculum. Data obtained from the situation analysis informed the development of the curriculum. Observations of each training session were discussed with the trainer and second member of the SATZ research team attending the training. Equipping them with knowledge and skills to effectively teach a sensitive range of topics necessitates emphasis on specialized and effective training [ 1 , 8—10 ]. There has been increasing interest in teachers' comfort teaching sex education and the impact of this on what is actually implemented in the classroom [ 6 , 11—13 ]. Most of them i. Many believed that students would find difficulty with role-plays since it was unfamiliar to them. A panel of diverse teachers provided feedback on the curriculum by piloting the lessons in their classrooms.

Sex training aids

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  1. Many of these factors need to be remedied at a broader level. On completion of the training, 18 teachers felt that it was appropriate to teach Grade 8 students about condom use, but 16 reported the condom demonstration lesson to be personally challenging for them.

  2. Instructional strategies At the end of the initial 4-day training, 16 teachers noted that they gained an experiential understanding of group facilitation skills and group-work experience. Data obtained from the situation analysis informed the development of the curriculum.

  3. This is followed by a discussion of the four objectives of the teacher training programme and concludes with some of the challenges faced by teachers. They were not only offered free training by experienced HIV specialists but also provided with a student manual and teacher workbook which clearly presented lessons in accordance with the OBE system.

  4. Teachers who felt it was not appropriate to teach Grade 8 students about condom use expressed the following concern:

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