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Sexy female photos

It may not have been Avril herself who came up with the concept, but she certainly brought it home. Gwen Stefani Hers is the face that launched ska's third wave, compelled Claire's to mass-produce bejeweled bindis, and brought Harajuku makeup from the streets of Tokyo to TV sets around the world. Nothing's hotter than a woman who can rock a mic, and we mean nothing; these musicians may have once been on our walls, but they live on in our fantasies. Beyonce Let's just get this out of the way: Debbie Harry Forget the so-called punk goddesses of today.

Sexy female photos

Every time she remakes herself, she makes us fall in love with her again. Like Britney, they too were always just barely out of your reach, but when the sun shone into the classroom and the breeze brushed their golden hair just right, there was maybe, just possibly, a chance. Indeed, anyone with two albums titled Oral Fixation has gone pretty far past mere suggestiveness. Britney Spears Only the gay men loved Britney for Britney; all the rest of us just wanted to get with her. Everything about her seemingly longs for comfort -- from you -- and her voice makes you desperately want to give it. It's the perfect realization of the striking redhead's unsettling sexiness; that feeling that her nails toying around your throat might actually be playing for keeps. The boa constrictor thing and the skintight red "Oops" outfit were pretty good too, but the Catholic schoolgirl thing worked especially well because she looked like classmates you'd once sat behind. The perfect bikini body once required months of disciplined dieting and regimented workouts. Debbie Harry Forget the so-called punk goddesses of today. Taylor Swift Taylor is the queen, or princess rather, of awshucks preacher's daughter cuteness. Stevie Nicks From her boho look before it was chic to her angelic features, Stevie Nicks redefined what it meant to be a rock star in the late '70s. Our favorite features are her high cheekbones, tousled mane, almond-shaped eyes, and Jenny-from-the-block smile. And that voice -- so deep and guttural and primal and raw. Lo, it was hard to believe she'd been the dark-haired dancer blending into the scenery on In Living Color and in Janet Jackson videos. Debbie Harry was able to get herself into the hearts of punk boys and girls despite entering the world of rock at a relatively advanced age, her early 30s. Samantha Fox A pop star and model with some edge, Samantha Fox posed topless at age 16 for a newspaper in her native London. But you have to be born with what makes Queen B so sexy. Prince treats sex as some sort of ritual, the Rolling Stones surely do it mechanically, and countless others use it to fill an emotional void. You want to grab her and tell her everything is going to be okay, even though you know that's a lie. She's aged rather gracefully, but her peak was clearly during her days with Blondie. The type of man who prefers a little sag in the breast to the plasticine perfection of silicone. Liz Phair Liz Phair was sexy when she was shy and only got sexier as she began funning around with Auto-Tune. She sold boatloads of records, but the boys of my generation knew her mainly from her risque posters for sale at the back of hair metal magazines. And she is smokin' -- from her buxom pin-up girl bod, to her luscious lips and her badass tattoos to her punk attitude. With its roller coaster curves and waist-to-hip ratio, it's the prototype that Kim Kardashian showed to her plastic surgeon. Nico made the dating rounds among the royalty of proto-punk, including Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, but none of them ever made her happy. Here's some more evidence.

Sexy female photos

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  1. But Phair just loves it. Nobody in the '80s was rocking fingerless lace gloves, one-shoulder tops, and gem-encrusted two-piece suits like that.

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